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Homeownership comes with many exciting opportunities and challenges. As a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, our certified housing counselors are equipped to help you maintain and protect your most significant investment.


Post-purchase counseling and virtual classes are available to homeowners at no cost, whether you're new to homeownership or have owned your home for many years. 


When you sit down one-on-one with us, you will receive tailored support and guidance to: 


  • Assess your financial picture and develop a realistic household budget you can follow. 


  • Understand the elements of maintaining a healthy home and planning for future home improvements. 


  • Learn about home equity loans and refinancing options. 


  • Know what to do if you're having trouble making your mortgage payments and more!


Our housing counseling team is ready to provide support and expertise to help you achieve your housing and financial goals! 


Connect with us to inquire about our housing counseling services. To help us serve you, please review and complete our post-purchase intake forms before your first appointment.


If you are facing default or at risk of losing your home, learn about our foreclosure prevention counseling services


Our Keep & Maintain Your Home virtual workshops provide an in-depth demonstration of designing a home maintenance & renovation plan and comparing options to pay for your home improvements. Best of all, these classes are free and open to the public. Secure your seat for an upcoming class through our Workshop Calendar


Download our free Home Maintenance Schedule. Use this checklist to maintain and keep your home in tip-top shape. When in doubt, reach out to a qualified professional for help.

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