Board of Directors

Executive Officers

Board of Directors

Tom Lapka
Peter Kulick
Mary Manuel
Lansing Eastside Representative
Kassie Rhodes
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Rick Ballard
At-Large Member
Irene Cahill
Bailey Neighborhood Member
Elvin Caldwell
Lansing Westside Neighborhood Member
Jim DeLine
At-Large Member
Liz Harrow
Red Cedar Neighborhood Member
Nate Kirk
At-Large Member
Mark Meadows
At-Large Member / EL Liaison
Larry Rosen
Southeast Marble Neighborhood Member
Dana Watson
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Board Liaisons

Andi Crawford
City of Lansing Liaison
Annette Irwin
City Manager Appointment
City of East Lansing
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Capital Area Housing Partnership develops strong, diverse neighborhoods with a focus on affordable housing, homeownership and financial security in mid-Michigan.

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