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The Neighborhood Empowerment Center (NEC) is a welcoming, state-of-the-art facility that houses multiple community agencies and flexible meeting space open to neighborhood groups and organizations. The building consists of updated conference rooms and enclaves nestled within the building’s core to form a space for formal meetings, informal conversations, and educational events. Follow the guidelines below to reserve a room today. 

Room Reservation Guidelines:

1 – Select the date and time for your reservation and then click the green “checkmark” at the top to proceed. For weekend rentals, please call 517-332-4663 or email

2 – Enter your email address and then click the green “Check email” box to proceed.

3 – Complete the booking request details including reservation title, notes, and reservation contact information. Click the green “confirm booking” box when completed.

Available Rooms & Capacity:

Board Room : 40

Conference Room A “Fish Bowl” : 10

Conference Room B : 10

Training Lab “Classroom” : 40

To Cancel a Reservation:

1 – Begin booking a new reservation in order to log-in. Log-in using your email and password previously created.

2 – Once logged-in, click the “x” in the top right of the new booking.

3 – From there you should be able to see already created reservations.

4 – Select the reservation you want to cancel. Click the drop down arrow and select “Yes, cancel”.

For questions or trouble completing your reservation, please contact Capital Area Housing Partnership at 517-332-4663  or email

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