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Capital Area Housing Partnership develops strong, diverse neighborhoods with a focus on affordable housing, homeownership, and financial security in mid-Michigan. 


Capital Area Housing Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), and your HUD-approved local Housing Counseling Agency. 

We are headquartered at the Neighborhood Empowerment Center on the former Michigan School for the Blind campus in Lansing, Michigan.  


For nearly 30 years, we’ve endured together in bringing affordable housing opportunities to the mid-Michigan region. We’ve made a difference in expanding the availability of affordable homes through significant real estate development, homeownership programs and community engagement. ​


We’ve built and rehabilitated multi-and single-family homes, delivered homeownership education, financial literacy and community engagement programs, provided emergency assistance, and revitalized neighborhoods.


​Our job is not just about the bricks and mortar. We know achieving the dream of an affordable home can be exciting and challenging. We see it as an equal right and have developed effective programs to help individuals and families along their journey.​


Affordable housing is in crisis and we remain steadfast on transforming the possibilities for people and communities. Our work and legacy continue.


We recognize each community is unique, with many populations calling it home. We strive to create a balance between owner-occupied and rental housing, especially in vintage neighborhoods designed for single family homes.


We believe strong partnerships between local government, neighbors, businesses, and organizations are best able to achieve these results.


Our strategies for achieving these goals include building a foundation of financial and homeownership knowledge, providing down payment assistance and creating exceptional, affordable housing stock for mid-Michigan residents.


In 2021, we made a difference in expanding the availability of affordable homes through significant real estate development, homeownership programs, and community engagement. We’ve invested $5.3 million in quality affordable housing opportunities, revitalized neighborhoods, delivered housing & financial education, provided emergency assistance, and have given hope to thousands of families and individuals.

Here is how we are transforming possibilities for people in our community:

  • 5,068 families impacted by the pandemic who are no longer at risk of losing their home. That amounts to over $22.5 million in relief delivered across our community;


  • 736 households served by our HUD-certified housing counseling team, helping families navigate financial hardships and secure a safe affordable place to call home;


  • 5 quality affordable homes constructed in Lansing for aspiring homeowners and 32 apartments preserved for our most vulnerable community members;


  • Over 40 accessibility ramps built by our dedicated Tuesday Toolmen volunteers to help our neighbors get in and out of their home safely;


  • 300+ tools borrowed by our neighbors - equipping them to maintain their homes and keep our neighborhoods beautiful;

  • Over 6,600 families and individuals served by Capital Area Housing Partnership who are proud to call mid-Michigan home.

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