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Personal Profile

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Dana Watson



Dana Watson works in public health for the Ingham County Health Department. She works in the community providing education and advocacy to reduce infant mortality rates in the county for Black and Latinx families. She values safe and affordable housing.  Dana is an involved community member in her city (East Lansing) and county. She currently serves on the City of East Lansing’s Planning Commission. Previously, she served on the City of East Lansing’s Human Rights Commission (formerly Human Relations).  Dana is also a recipient of CAHP services. She believes she is in a better place, as a homeowner, for her family, due to CAHP services.  Dana Watson has a strong background as a facilitator and advocate for health equity and social justice. Dana received her Bachelor’s from Michigan State University in Communication and later her Master’s in Health and Human Services from Walden University.  Dana enjoys music concerts, playing instruments and plays rec beach volleyball most summers. She is a co-parent and mother of three children. They enjoy ice cream, sushi, soccer games and swimming together. 

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